Offering a safe, online shopping experience using video conferencing has become a new normal. Virtual shops capture the interactions through screenshots and video ensuring "business as usual" during these challenging times.

  • Live Tours
  • Connection
  • Knowledge

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Covid 19 has ushered in a new type of mystery shop. Virtual shops include a phone call or visit to the website to set up an appointment for a live online tour.

You are able to see if you sales agents are first offering the tour and if they are on time for the tour. During the tour it is revealed if the customer is getting a full presentation and all the necessary knowledge needed about the property or location. Is your representative still trying to make a personal connection with the customer? Any follow up is also reported by the mystery shopper. 

Virtual shops can also be used if you need a quick shop in a tough to reach location. These shops can be audio video record or just audio recorded.