The Shadow Agency provides its services nationwide and to all industries including, but not limited to, the following.  Over the many years we've been serving our clients, our knowledge base in these industries has only grown.

Apartments & Property Management

The Shadow Agency has a vast background in apartment shops. We work with large and small  property management companies. We partner with management companies to ensure quality nationwide. We are your eyes and ears on the ground when you can't be there yourself. Our reporting system allows for integrated training and certification for leasing professionals to help them maintain your high standards.

New Homes

The Shadow Agency has an extensive background in new home shops. We are highly experienced with targeted shops. We partner with clients to get the most out of your video shops according to your goals. Our reporting system allows for integrated training and certification for sales agents to help them reach their full potential. We service the entire country as well as Canada.

Retail Stores

With hundreds of shoppers all over the country and Canada we have the ability to visit your stores with our covert video equipment and blend in with the every day customer. We give you the unique perspective of a regular shopper in your business. This allows you to evaluate your best practices and improve on those while also seeing areas that might need improvement. Our reporting system allows for integrated training and certification for your sales associates.

Auto Dealerships

The Shadow Agency has partnered with many auto dealerships; shopping most every automobile from high end luxury cars to the more economic car options. Our shoppers are trained from the basic shops of inquiry to the extensive shops of negotiating. Automobile mystery shops allow you to see every part of the car buying process. You can see how your customers are greeted, educated on your product, the test drive, the closing as well as the follow up. This unique perspective encourages maximum growth for your business.


The Shadow Agency can help you ensure your patrons are receiving the utmost in hospitality as well as the best food at your establishment. Our shoppers are trained to record and note details from the initial greeting to the food presentation to the cleanliness of the restroom in your restaurant. Your video can be edited into specific categories of service to get straight to the point of your shop. Our reporting system allows for integrated training and certification for you staff.

Internet Shops

In today's world many consumers begin their search online when looking for a new place to live, a new automobile, new clothing, electronics or really just about anything. Internet inquiry shops can check promptness of reply, professionalism and accuracy of your online service. Whether the goal is to close the deal online or get that customer into the storefront, internet shops are a valuable tool to raise success rates. These inquiries provide a measure of strengths and weaknesses which when analyzed through our reporting system help build a better internet shopping experience for your customer.